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In order to cope with the solitude of being on death row, Williams turned to writing. He began writing poems, which he published in 2000 under the title The Ties That Bind Us and continued to write essays as well as several other books. With his autobiography, Sill Surviving, his words exploded across the country and Nanon suddenly became a leading figure against Texas Death Row. Subsequently, Nanon published The Darkest Hour: Stories and Interviews From Death Row which exposed the inhumane and brutal conditions he others had faced while on death row. The things Nanon endured was far worse than most people could ever imagine, yet he pushed forward relentlessly. Through writing, Nanon has found a way to endure life in prison, but he has now connected with countless people around the world. One of his books has been translated, he works with many universities around the country.

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In addition to writing, Nanon has embarked on many other endeavors during his 27 years in in prison. He is now a Certified Peer Educator for sexually transmitted diseases and he recently published The Darkest Hour: Shedding Light on the impact of isolation and Death Row in Texas Prisons with Dr. Betty Gilmore, as well as a Children’s book called Peace People co-authored by Robyn Short. Nanon continues to work on booklets that show prisoners how to get resources, the need to recreate culture and his ability to educate other juveniles. Nanon has become one of the most inspiring people in the world from the most unlikely place.